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When escaping domestic abuse, an attorney can be a valuable ally

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2016 | Domestic Violence

Ideally, your home should be where you feel protected and safe. But for victims of domestic violence, home can feel like a prison with no chance of escape. If your partner is abusive, you likely spend much of your time in fear of the next conflict; be it yelling and screaming or a physical altercation.

The potential danger of domestic violence cannot be understated, and if you are trapped in an environment that is rife with abuse, it is vital that you find a way to break free. This is especially true if your children are also being impacted by the violence. But attempting to alter your circumstances can be scary and even dangerous. For this reason, you may want to contact a domestic violence attorney to help you do what is necessary.

A domestic violence attorney can provide many important services, including:

  • Helping you file a domestic violence lawsuit.
  • Having a protection/restraining order put in place and enforced.
  • Representing your interests in court when dealing with the abusive party.
  • Helping you file for a divorce.
  • Working on your behalf to secure custody of your children.

Attempting to leave a domestic violence situation can be too emotionally and legally challenging to take on by yourself. And an experienced attorney could prove to be a valuable ally as you take the steps necessary to protect your life and the lives of your children. Your life has value, and the sooner you are able to break the cycle of domestic violence, the sooner you can start living free of harm and fear.