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Marital strife can cause the holiday blues

On Behalf of | Dec 5, 2016 | Divorce

Many people have fond childhood memories of the holidays. But as we get older, we realize how stressful and even lonely this season can be. And if you are dealing with marital issues, the holidays can be especially difficult.

Feeling isolated from your spouse at the time of year that you are told is intended for family and togetherness could make anyone feel blue. And in such a situation, it is easy to find yourself overcompensating to make up for your sense of personal deprivation. And the holidays certainly offer many distractions in which you can indulge.

For example, you will likely find no shortage of opportunities to eat rich, fattening foods or have a few extra cocktails. And while such niceties are fine in moderation, eating and drinking to excess can have very negative after effects, including depression.

You should also be cautious about throwing yourself into the “holiday spirit,” by trying to make everyone happy by purchasing expensive gifts. This will only create financial issues later. Nor do you want to shoulder the entire holiday on your own. If you are the partner who is at home with the children, don’t be afraid of asking for help from family or close friends.

By taking care of yourself and not putting too much emphasis on “having fun,” you will likely get through the holidays just fine. But the fact is, this time of year can force certain difficult issues to the surface. Married couples often find themselves grappling with serious fissures that have developed over time and which are exacerbated by the stresses and disappointments that can accompany the holiday season.

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