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When a child custody fight becomes an international incident

On Behalf of | Dec 13, 2016 | Child Custody

Just because you got divorced does not mean you don’t want what is best for your child. In fact, if you are like many other divorced parents in Texas, you probably try very hard to focus on your child’s best interests when making life-altering decisions.

It’s not uncommon for parents in your situation to face various challenges related to the upbringing and care of children. However, if you’ve been blindsided by a child custody situation that has suddenly become an international incident, you may need some extra help.

Are you worried about these things?

If you recently learned that your former spouse unexpectedly left the country with your child without your knowledge or approval, a whirlwind of thoughts and worries is probably churning in your mind. The following might be among your concerns:

  • Can international laws help? When you learned that your child was taken out of the United States, one of your first thoughts was probably, “Are there laws to protect me in this situation?” You can request information regarding the Uniform Child Abduction Protection Act, which may be an enormous help to someone in your circumstances.
  • What is my child thinking? If you’re unsure what has been said to your child, your relationship at this time may feel a bit unstable. It’s understandable that you would want someone to help you make contact to let your child know you love him or her and are doing everything you can to arrange a safe return to the United States.
  • Where do I get help? If you feel so overwhelmed by the gravity of your situation it is difficult to think clearly, it may be time to reaching out to a third party for support.

Although perhaps not your only worries at this time, each of these issues can be addressed by contacting an experienced family law attorney for assistance.

Seeking support to get your child back

From day one, a skilled attorney can act on your behalf to help you reach across international lines to rectify your child’s custody situation. Here are just a few of the many ways in which a competent attorney can be of service:

  • Provide assistance to locate your child
  • Act as a skilled mediator between you and your child’s other parent to negotiate a voluntary return of your child to the United States
  • Represent you to protect your rights and best interests during any international legal process that takes place

You have enough to worry about just thinking of your child being so far away without your permission. You shouldn’t have to go it alone when trying to navigate the complex systems of domestic and international laws.

Cultural differences, political ties – even something your child may have said regarding wanting to stay in another country may pose obstacles to your goal of getting your child back.

If you rely on a seasoned attorney who has successfully helped others in similar situations, you gain peace of mind. Someone who has your and your child’s best interests at heart, backed by a clear understanding of the legal process, will be by your side the whole way through to help you obtain as positive an outcome as possible.