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Can politics end a marriage?

On Behalf of | May 16, 2017 | Firm News

Marriages end for many reasons, but Texas residents might be surprised to learn that politics can be a factor. According to a study from Wakefield Research, more relationships are coming to an end over political disagreements since President Trump’s election.

The report was part of the company’s continuing research into the trending topics of conversation and how these topics impact relationships. The data revealed that one in 10 couples dissolved their relationships over political disagreements, and that for the millennial group, the percentage was significantly higher, at 22 percent. Even if the relationship didn’t end, President Trump’s election has negatively impacted relationships, with 24 percent of the people surveyed to compile the data admitted that politics had been a source of discord within their relationships since he took office.

While finances have historically been a common source for dispute for married couples, the polling company reported that since the election, one in five people in a marriage or relationship have admitted to fighting more over the policies introduced by President Trump than over financial issues. Some of the fighting is serious enough that the marriages have come to an end. According to one lawyer, the problem stems from narcissistic issues, where one person in the relationship feels their partner must agree with them, and that often, this becomes a factor in negotiating divorce agreements.

If fighting over politics has led a couple to separate and consider divorce, they should each retain their own separate attorney to explain what legal issues might arise. With the help of their attorneys, the estranged spouses might be able to negotiate a settlement agreement instead of having to go through lengthy and expensive litigation.