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These jobs most likely to lead to divorce before 30

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2017 | Divorce

Texas couples know the strain that comes from work can make marriage more difficult. As MarketWatch notes, nearly 41 percent of first marriages end in divorce. Depending upon the career path a person chooses, there could be added stress, and a recent study shows that certain industries have more divorces before age 30 than others.

Topping the list with a 30 percent divorce rate by age 30 is first-line enlisted military supervisors. Out of the top ten most likely to divorce by age 30, three of the positions were in the military. This may not be a surprise, due to the separation that often occurs during a deployment. One study shows that for each month a couple is apart from one another, their divorce rate increases. Mental health issues can also play a part. Veterans who have been in Afghanistan or Iraq report having problems with post-traumatic stress disorder or depression at a rate of 20 percent.

But a person doesn’t have to be in the military to experience stress in their relationship. As Zippia, who conducted the study using U.S. Census Bureau data reports, logisticians are the second most likely occupation to divorce by age 30. Mechanics, engineers, and technicians of various industries are prevalent in the top 20 jobs list, along with food service and health care workers. Traditionally higher paying professions, such as doctors and lawyers, did not make the list, reinforcing the idea that stress alone may not be the problem. Many of the jobs listed are not especially high-earning, and financial issues can be a real factor when a couple chooses to divorce.