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Detailed recordkeeping keeps divorced parents on the same page

On Behalf of | Oct 4, 2017 | Blog

At the end of your marriage, you are likely to have many details to track. Perhaps you are keeping a record of expenses or an event calendar for the first time, especially if you have depended on a spouse to watch over these day-to-day concerns. When you separate your finances and time from your ex-spouse, it can be tricky to determine what is fair for you and your ex. And when children are involved, you may be learning to share time and expenses for the best interest of the child.

After the divorce, it is likely that you will be responsible in part for the care and financial concerns of your children. Child support payments often occur as a monthly sum, but some families decide to handle less frequent expenses differently. A divorce settlement may outline certain specific financial and visitation guidelines. In Texas, both parents must follow the decision as ordered by the judge. It can be both helpful and legally important to have a written record that supports your statements about child care and expenses.

Areas of concern

Individuals with co-parenting experience have identified some potential areas of concern for divorcing parents. A divorced person who is co-parenting with their ex will likely want to track daily events, special events and childcare expenses. Keeping a complete record of events and expenses can help your lawyer or the judge analyze exactly how the child support or custody order is working.

Tracking can help in court

When you have concrete data in hand, it may help you with your case. If a judge has not yet finalized the child support or custody order, it can help determine what should be permanent. If you are already using an order to share the childcare responsibility, the facts will show if you are following the order. A record can also support you if you want to legally modify the document.

Innovative ways to track

In the modern era, it can be easier than ever to keep a record of this data. Smartphones make recordkeeping easy. App developers are already at work to design a phone app that can help you and create reports that are admissible in court. Of course, a journal or spreadsheets can also work, too. Not every type of record is admissible in court. You may want to research or consult with your lawyer for more information about what is admissible.