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Child custody, parents and disgreements

On Behalf of | May 28, 2018 | Child Custody

Texas, like other states, enforces its own set of guidelines surrounding child custody arrangements. Despite these laws, many parents find themselves in tricky situations. What will the new schedule be like? Will parents work well together after the divorce is said and done? Perhaps most pressing of all, should the child decide where to live after the separation, or should parents and courts have a stronger hand in the matter?

One article from Psychology Today provides a scope into the topic of letting children decide child custody plans. Some children, after spending months going back and forth between parents, become frustrated with the process. This can pose a difficult situation, as parents often must deal with a child’s prefence of living in one home over another. Psychology Today recognizes that dividing children during a divorce is one of the most challenging steps of the process. Some experts suggest that courts should revisit child custody arrangements every two years; doing so can ensure that everyone involved is comfortable with the plan. 

Sometimes, a child is simply too young to decide on a plan for living arrangments. In these cases, as Parents magazine points out, parents should think critically about all aspects of the child’s schedule. Parents’ careers should also factor into the equation. The parenting magazine states that a child’s extracurricular activities and other needs may help determine which parent the child should live with. Depending on the schedule of ex-spouses, it may make more sense for the child to live solely with one parent. Just as Psychology Today stressed the importance of letting children have a say in the plans, Parents shows that giving children a voice can make this transition more manageable. Some children may be too young, but older family members may want nothing more than to be heard.