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Could there be drama in your divorce?

On Behalf of | Feb 8, 2019 | Child Custody

Texan parents don’t always have the luxury of having a peaceful divorce. This can be difficult not only for you, but for your child as well. Lisa E. McKnight, PC, always prioritizes the well-being of children involved in divorce and will work with you to defend your rights as their parent.

Unfortunately, divorces can become very personal quickly. This is especially true for people like you, who are fighting to hold on to your child. On one hand, many of the older conventions of divorce no longer hold true. It isn’t always the mother who immediately gets custody. Likewise, the person who makes the most money isn’t automatically deemed the “best fit” for custody, either.

Instead, these days, several factors related to the child are looked into. This includes:

  • A parent’s relationship with the child
  • Their ability to provide stability, care, and attention
  • Their ability to provide future opportunities
  • The family history

This means that personal shots can be taken at you as your ex-partner struggles to show why they are the “best fit” over you. Dealing with this can be additional emotional stress that you simply don’t need.

Have you been entangled in a divorce and child custody battle? Do you feel like you’re up against a big opponent and you need all the help you can get in protecting and defending your rights as a parent? Then consider clicking the link here to take a look at our web page on child custody battles. The knowledge can be a big asset.