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Actor and wife deal with international custody dispute

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2020 | Child Custody

The international pandemic has created problems for Texans in practically every part of their lives. Without the ability to travel, many people have had to go without seeing friends and relatives for months. This has been especially hard on parents and children who have found themselves in separate countries as the coronavirus has spread across the globe.

Actor Armie Hammer and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, separated earlier this year but planned to share custody of their two young children. Both traveled to Cayman Islands with their son and daughter, but when Hammer returned to the United States, Chambers remained with the kids. She has stayed on the islands with the kids despite Hammer’s request for them to return.

International custody issues: Parental options

Hammer is in a difficult situation with regard to his children. Due to travel restrictions, he may be unable to go to the Cayman Islands to see his kids, and they may be unable to travel to the United States to be with him. Further, it is uncertain if he and Chambers have a custody plan in place. In her divorce filing, Chambers asked for primary custody of their kids, while Hammer’s response requested joint custody.

Hammer may have legal options at his disposal to compel the return of his kids to the United States. Through both criminal and civil actions he may force Chambers to re-enter the country with their kids so that both have access to their children. A family law attorney could provide specifics to readers who are in similar legal situations.

Coping with child custody problems

Not everyone has to deal with international laws and pandemics when addressing their custody issues. Some may have to put up with their exes taking their kids across state lines in violation of their custody agreements, while others may have to fight for their rights to travel with their kids during their rightful time together. Whatever challenges parents face regarding the custody of their kids, they can seek the help of family law attorneys to guide them through their legal situations.