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Dallas Grandparents’ Rights Attorney

In Texas, grandparents’ rights are extremely limited. Grandparents can file a lawsuit, however, if there is an immediate concern regarding the welfare of the children. Simply wanting to be granted visitation isn’t enough. These types of cases can be difficult and complex, requiring the assistance of an experienced lawyer.

If your grandchild or grandchildren have lived with you for a substantial period of time, the law firm Lisa E. McKnight, P.C., can advocate for your legal rights. Depending on your circumstances, this may include:

  • Obtaining child support from the parents
  • Making health care and educational decisions
  • Child custody
  • Legal guardianship

Our firm’s legal team understands what is at stake with grandparent rights cases. We can help you to find solutions that will be in the children’s best interests.

Dedicated Attorney Advocating For Grandparent Custody

Often parents are unable or unwilling to care for their children, and often grandparents are the ones to step in and provide for them. In fact, the U.S. Census Bureau reports that 5.6 million children are being raised by their grandparents in this country.

If your grandchildren have voluntarily been left in your care for six months or longer, you may be able to obtain legal custody. Dallas attorney Lisa McKnight is a board-certified family law specialist by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization who has been practicing family law since 1981. She has handled numerous grandparent custody cases and will be a strong advocate for you in and out of the courtroom.

To discuss your grandparent rights, contact our firm at 214-306-7588 or toll free at 866-586-5149. If you prefer, you may send an email via our online contact form and tell us more about your situation.

* Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in the area of family law