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Divorce Mediation In Texas

Whether it is mandated by the court or you choose to use it, mediation is a powerful tool that often results in a couple resolving their divorce and custody issues. Unlike an adversarial approach to divorce, mediation allows couples to work together and determine what works best for their family. Additionally, mediation is typically less stressful and less expensive than attempting to work things out in court.

At Lisa E. McKnight, P.C., in Dallas, we offer representation during family law mediation, which can include:

During mediation, a trained mediator acts as a neutral third party. Their job is to provide impartial guidance throughout the process. You can, and should, have an attorney representing you in mediation. Lisa E. McKnight has extensive mediation experience and is a savvy negotiator who will strive to protect your rights at every stage of the process.

Dallas Divorce Mediation

Divorcing couples are frequently ordered by the court to go through mediation, which is typically held at the mediator’s office and can last a half day or more. A mediator often is an attorney, but he or she is not allowed to give specific legal advice to either party.

Because any agreements that are signed by both parties during mediation are binding, it is important to have a knowledgeable family law lawyer represent you during any mediation session.

The legal team at the law firm of Lisa E. McKnight, P.C., in Dallas, Texas, helps clients achieve great results through mediation. We find that, with proper preparation, as much as 70 percent of the issues that must be settled in divorce are routinely resolved during mediation.

In addition, both parties are usually happier with the outcome since they participated fully in negotiating their agreement.

Protect Yourself And Reach Favorable Agreements

Don’t make the mistake of going to family law mediation without representation. We can review the facts of your case ahead of time and help you resolve as much as possible in mediation. Contact us online or call 214-306-7588 or toll free 866-586-5149 to schedule an appointment.