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Texas Child Support Modification And Enforcement

Every family’s financial situation changes over time. That is no different once you are divorced. Children’s financial needs can change drastically as well.

A post-divorce modification can be filed on the part of the person obligated to pay support, or the person receiving support, if his or her circumstances, or the child’s circumstances, have substantially changed. These changes must be approved by the court, even if they seem minor.

If your income or the other parent’s income has been substantially affected by circumstances beyond your control, including job loss or long-term illness, you must formally request the court to review your situation and modify the terms of your divorce decree.

Dallas Child Support Attorney

The most common reason clients seek child support modification is because of a change in income. If the supporting party’s income changes significantly, there may be cause to alter the payment plan. Possible changes include:

  • Reduction of payment due to lower income
  • Increase in payment due to higher income
  • Increase in payment due to costs resulting from special needs, extracurricular activities or private schooling costs

Hiring an experienced lawyer is the safest way to protect your assets, interests and your child’s interests.

Many individuals make the mistake of relying on verbal agreements with a former spouse. Informal agreements between parties are not binding and could result in future problems. If your former spouse initially agrees to allow you to lower your child support payment due to a loss of your job, and then reneges on that agreement, you have no enforceable right to maintain the lower payment. You may even be ordered to pay back payments plus penalties.

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