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July 2011 Archives

Schwarzenegger changes approach to spousal support

Last week we spoke about how Arnold Schwarzenegger had declined his estranged wife Maria Shriver's request for spousal support. The former governor and film star has changed his mind though it is not completely clear why. In last week's legal documents, Schwarzenegger checked a box that indicated his disagreement in providing Maria Shriver with spousal support. This week it looks like Arnold did not check the box thereby indicating his inclination to spousal support.

Schwarzenegger tells Shriver no spousal support

Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former governor of California and blockbuster film star, has declined his estranged wife Maria Shriver's request for spousal support. This past May, it was revealed that Arnold had secretly fathered a child with the couple's housekeeper. Because of the emergence of Arnold's infidelity, Shriver filed for divorce three weeks ago and has cited irreconcilable differences.

Another Dallas officer accused of domestic violence, not indicted

A Dallas police officer who was recently accused of domestic violence will not be charged. A grand jury has decided not to indict the officer, who was arrested for felony assault family violence after being involved in an allegedly violent argument with his girlfriend at his home this spring. The officer has been placed on indefinite administrative leave.

Mother loses child custody after testing positive for opiates

Have you ever wondered whether the urban legend that eating poppy seeds can make a person test positive for a drug test? At least one mother believes in the assertion that poppy seeds turn up as opiates on drug tests. The mother lost child custody of her newborn son after she tested positive for the substance. The mother and her lawyer maintain the positive results were the result of her eating salad dressing that contained poppy seeds.

Dallas police officer faces family violence charges

A 26-year-old Dallas police officer has been arrested on domestic violence charges after allegedly hitting his girlfriend while she was holding the couple's child. The man was charged with family violence assault and family violence endangering a child. While the former charge is a misdemeanor, the latter is a felony.

Two doctors argue parents of extremely obese children should lose child custody

Two million children in the United States are considered to be severely obese. Their weights put them at risk to Type 2 diabetes, liver problems and breathing problems that could shorten their lives. Two doctors recently argued in an editorial that parents of extremely obese children should lose child custody so that their children can receive the help they are not receiving at home. Texas and a few other states already have the legal framework to do so.

Growing number of parental child abductions

Last year there were at least 1,500 children who were unlawfully abducted by a parent and taken to a foreign country. As many as one-third of the children were taken to Mexico because of family connections there. Tragically only 578 of the children abducted in 2010 were returned to parents in the United States. It seems the issue of international parental child abductions will only grow larger as the number of international parental child abductions continues to rise.

Parents lose child custody after they move in self-storage unit

Two parents from Houston, Texas who have fallen on hard economic times have lost child custody of their six children. After going through dire financial straits the parents decided to move their family to a self-storage unit. The parents believed the self-storage unit was a safer and cleaner living space than temporary housing they lived in previously. The state of Texas's Child Protective Services disagreed and took custody of the couple's children.

Texas man seeks divorce from wife on death row

The husband of a Texas death row inmate has announced plans to divorce his incarcerated wife, who was arrested and convicted for killing one of the couple's sons. He explained that the decision was difficult to reach, but mutual. The man told reporters that while he does not believe his wife is guilty, he feels the need to move on from the marriage, which he says has been "in limbo" since his wife entered prison.

Mother adopts children she previously lost child custody to

One woman who legally lost the right to be the mother of her children is gaining the legal right to be her childrens' mother again. Because of drug addiction the woman lost child custody to ten of her children and custody was given to the woman's mother. After getting her life together, the mother is attempting to restore her parental rights after they were revoked by the state.