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August 2011 Archives

American fathers push for child custody in Japan

A child custody battle based in Texas can be hard enough for both parents to endure and to resolve, but imagine a child custody battle based in a foreign country where the local laws are skewed against fathers and the country has declined to provide a remedy for years. That is the story of some American fathers who have been pushing for child custody rights in Japan.

Texas father regains child custody of son

A Texas father who lost child custody of his son ten years ago regained child custody of his son recently because of a ruling by the Texas Supreme Court. It turns out the son performed better in school while he was spending time with his father. A lower court ruled that the mother relinquished child custody of the son to the father, and the appellate and Texas Supreme Court agreed.

The influence of divorce on weight gain

Marriage and divorce are often life-defining events that impact people in ways they may never expect. One such way in which these life milestones affect people is through their waistline. According to a recent study conducted by Ohio State University, men tend to gain more weight after divorce and women tend to gain more weight after marriage.

Dad told to remove child custody blog site

Going through a divorce and deciding child custody is a stressful time period for many folks. Some people vent their emotions through exercise and others talk with friends. One father who was going through a divorce and child custody battle believed the creation of a blog would be the best avenue to alleviate his stress. A family court judge disagreed and ordered the man to take down his blog site.

Divorce mediation can create a "good" divorce

More and more today, family law attorneys in Texas and across the United States are turning to divorce mediation when it comes to resolving their clients' divorce and child custody issues. Though the term may sound contradictory, divorce mediation can help turn a divorce into a "good" divorce where individuals are more focused on collaboration and conciliation than confrontation.

Mother with breast cancer loses child custody battle

In May we wrote about a mother from North Carolina with cancer who was battling to maintain child custody of her two children. Although the 37-year-old mother had lost the fight for primary custody in April, she has been trying to delay the 800-mile move of her children since that time. Last week the North Carolina State Supreme Court denied a stay on the child custody ruling which means her children will move-in with their father before school starts in August.

When it comes time for property division make sure to protect your credit - Part 2

In our last post we began to talk about how to protect your credit after property division and divorce. In the last post we spoke about the importance of a post-divorce budget and the importance of identifying debts and credit lines. In this post we will continue to talk about keeping your credit score healthy after divorce.

When it comes time for property division make sure to protect your credit - Part 1

Couples who go through divorce often go through a property division phase, and one of the most important things an individual going through property division can do is to protect their credit. During this post and the next we will talk about things divorcing individuals can do to protect their credit score.

Some couples choose informal separation to prevent divorce

Some couples today who are experiencing the opposite of marital bliss are choosing informal separation in order to avoid divorce and to spark their former romance. Even though a separation seems like one step away from divorce for many, many marriage therapists recommend temporary separation as a final attempt to save a marriage.

After MLB disapproves settlement, McCourts' property division battle continues

The ongoing property division battle between Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt continues. Attorneys for Frank McCourt and Jamie McCourt met yesterday for a case management meeting that likely discussed the next move in the property division case. Frank and Jamie had reached a potential settlement in May regarding the ownership of the Los Angeles Dodgers, but the settlement failed to conclude the issue.

In divorce, does being a genius mean you get the assets?

Many Texans are familiar with divorce and the processes that surround it. Whether it's the house, a business or just the family spoon collection, when it comes to dividing assets, each spouse could make an argument for why he or she should receive something. While justifications can vary, one divorcing man's recent argument took things to a new level.

More grandparents taking child custody and parenting grandchildren

More and more grandparents in Texas and across the country are finding themselves taking child custody of their grandchildren as they become full-time parents for their grandchildren. As a result many grandparents who were planning on using their golden years to explore together and check off items on their bucket list are finding themselves regulating the cell phone use of their grandchildren. These grandparents are not able to spoil their grandchildren and then hand the grandchildren back to the parents.