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November 2012 Archives

Relationships with in-laws could make divorce more likely

As Dallas residents know, a marriage can be hard to maintain. No one ever hopes they will get a divorce, and couples often search for the secrets to maintaining a happy, healthy marriage. One study now suggests that a couple's relationship with their in-laws may be a factor in the success of their marriage.

Do-it-yourself divorce forms inadequate for many Texas couples

One complaint that many Texans seeking a divorce have is the expense. Attorney fees and court costs can add up, and some people will even attest that getting divorced is more costly than getting married. For Texas residents who are indigent or just living from paycheck to paycheck, the cost of divorce can present a serious obstacle.

Texas domestic violence center pushes Congress to renew law

One of the difficulties many domestic violence victims suffer is the inability to leave their abuser. Many women simply don't have the financial wherewithal to uproot and start a new life somewhere else. And even if they do, there's often no guarantee that their abuser won't find them and continue the behavior.

Singer Marc Anthony still paying support for first marriage

Texas fans of Grammy-winning crooner Marc Anthony know that the singer has had his share of marital ups and downs. His marriage to Jennifer Lopez lasted from 2004 to 2011, but before J.Lo, there was former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres. The couple were married in May 2000 and had two sons, now ages 9 and 11. The relationship was a rocky one, and despite efforts to stay together by renewing their vows in 2002, the two eventually split in 2003 and divorced one year later.

Women may lose more than husbands in divorce

When you make the decision to separate from your spouse, the first things that come to mind about the change may be personal: Your children may end up living with their other parent, and even if they live with you, you'll see them less if your spouse has visitation rights. You might also think about your home, whether you're moving out of it or filling the space left behind by your departing spouse's move.

Transgender parents in Texas have uphill child custody battle

When it comes to the reasons a couple gets divorced, there are countless possibilities. Some are more common than others, such as infidelity or money problems. Other marriages fail because one of the spouses has an awakening of some kind that takes him or her in a different direction. Gay, lesbian and transgender people who have been married in Texas know what it's like to decide to live their lives openly at the risk of radically transforming their families. And those who have children may have had to fight harder for child custody based on their sexual orientation.

Father fights for say in child's medical care

Sometimes in the course of a divorce, fathers who do not have custody of their children may be unfairly deprived of a say in their children's medical care. This improper violation of fathers' rights was illustrated by the case of one father, now active as the head of an organization working to remedy the program.

Divorce mediation can turn negatives into positives

Even if it brings an end to an unhappy marriage, it's hard to argue that divorce is a positive experience. While there is often light at the end of the tunnel, the divorce process itself can be long and painful -- for you, your spouse and your children. The burden of dividing every last bit of property, determining where the kids will live and deciding how much one spouse will pay alimony and child support can bring out the worst in people. It can also leave deep emotional scars.

Designated child custody exchanges promote safety, harmony

Divorced parents with young children know that custody arrangements are a long-term issue. As much as you might like to move on with your life without seeing your ex-spouse on a regular basis, shared child custody guarantees that the two of you will have to communicate regularly.

Can a protective order truly prevent domestic violence?

Texas residents may have heard about the recent slaying of a Tyler mother of two. Her ex-husband is accused of killing her, putting a final point on a long history of violence between the former couple. At one point the woman filed a protective order against her former spouse, though it had expired about six months before her death. But court records show that even when the order was still valid, her ex-husband violated it three times. Those violations may lead some to wonder whether a protective order offers any guarantees of safety.

Jessica Simpson's parents headed for property division battle

Just when you thought you'd read enough headlines about celebrities getting divorced, out comes the news about one famous Texas native's parents. Jessica Simpson's father and mother, Joe and Tina Simpson, recently announced their plans to divorce after 33 years of marriage.

How to handle a divorce: Tips for parents

Divorce can be tough time for parents. In addition to the complicated legal issues faced by divorcing spouses, some people struggle to adjust to the drastically altered lifestyle and relationships that come with a separation. During this process, it's easy for parents to focus on their own problems and lose sight of the issues faced by their children. But the decisions made during a divorce will have lifelong consequences for children; therefore, it's important to give their needs extra care and attention throughout the process.

Could you benefit from a vocational expert during your divorce?

Most people know that the first step to a successful divorce settlement is finding a good attorney. But in recent years departing spouses have been calling in other experts as well. A therapist can help you though the emotional aspects of your divorce. A mediator can keep costs down by working with spouses to reach a fair settlement out of court. And for those concerned about alimony and future income problems, a vocational expert may be just the person you need.