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April 2013 Archives

Make sure you know what expenses your divorce will create

People in Southern California who get divorced know that they will have to incur certain expenses that they might not incur if they were married. However, in many cases, people elect to begin the divorce process before taking into account what those expenses might be.

After unimaginable tragedy, grandparents push for enhanced rights

In many families in Texas and around the country, grandparents are the unsung heroes of families. Many grandparents never plan on becoming de facto parents again; however, unforeseen circumstances often thrust them into that role. When push comes to shove, grandparents who are fighting for the welfare of their grandchildren might have to ask a judge to assert their grandparents' rights in a custody or visitation case.

Kardashian, Humphries finally bring an end to divorce battle

For as many people who are considered to be celebrities in this country, it might be foolhardy to suggest that there is one celebrity divorce case that has gotten more attention than any other. However, in this particular case, it might very well be true.

Wayward mom convicted of non-support of her children

Many single parents in Texas struggle with keeping their heads above water when they don't get the child support they are owed from the other parent. In many cases, even if warrants exist to get the parent in custody, they are seldom picked up. However, sometimes an arrest and conviction will actually have a positive effect and lead to a financial improvement in the custodial parent's situation.

Alleged bigamist finds marriage to be too much of a good thing

Dallas residents who are going through a divorce will tell you that it's not an easy process. People who have been with a partner for a long time often find it difficult to start anew on their own. This feeling can be amplified when a person's former spouse has seemingly moved on and found a new love in hardly any time at all.

Important divorce task: Figure out who pays the mortgage

We have written extensively on this blog about how divorces in Texas impact property division -- and how in many cases, the largest asset a couple has is their house. In past posts, we have talked about how if one person or the other has entered the marriage with specific debts, those debts will remain with that person after the marriage unless the other person elects to take them on as well.

Texas AG puts focus on child support obligations

It takes two people to make a child. However, in many Texas families, the children live with one parent most (or all) of the time. However, this doesn't absolve the other parent of responsibility. In nearly all cases, Texas law requires noncustodial parents to make regular child support payments.

Unique custody case weighs immigrant rights, grandparents' rights

It is not often in Texas, or anywhere else in the country for that matter, that a child custody case comes up that touches on more than one major concept of child custody law, but such a situation was recently decided in Minnesota -- involving both grandparents' rights and the rights of parents who are not in the country legally.

Selling a house just one possible aspect of property division

For many people in Texas who are going through a divorce, one of the primary concerns is to figure out the aspects of property division. And, as many couples know -- or will find out -- oftentimes the biggest asset that needs to be divided is the family home.

Grandparents can be grandkids' allies after divorce

When a couple with children get divorced, many people might be caught in the crossfire. This includes the children, of course, but also many additional family members -- particularly grandparents. In and after a contentious divorce, it can be tricky for now-former in-laws to communicate with one another.

Man who won giant lottery jackpot owed $29,000 in child support

We have written recently about fathers who owed large amounts of child support despite having large amounts of money being found out because of their activities on social media websites. There are other ways that family law attorneys might be able to determine that a delinquent parent has assets that might go toward child support -- including, unlikely enough, if that parent wins the lottery.