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March 2014 Archives

Rhonda Adkins files to divorce Trace Adkins

In Mid-January, country music singer Trace Adkins checked himself into a voluntary rehab program to address his issues with alcohol. The decision followed a scene that sources say the singer made while on a cruise. News broke this week that his wife is now seeking a divorce, although there is no indication that alcohol factored into the divorce proceedings.

Child custody: Tax exemptions may be negotiated in Texas

The decision to file for divorce can be daunting for many people. When a child or children are involved, a divorcing parent may understand that the issues of custody and support may need to be addressed. Under Texas law, family courts seek to assess the best interests of the child in child custody disputes.

Why social media should be avoided during divorce proceedings

Social media is becoming ubiquitous. Not only does social media seem to dominate networking opportunities online, reality television shows, late night shows, movie previews, magazine articles, radio programs and numerous other everyday viewing, listening and reading experiences are peppered by references to social media. This is an understandable phenomenon given that social media sites allow people all over the world to connect at the click of a button. However, if you are going through a divorce, it will serve you well to avoid social media altogether.

Mother who abducted children arrested in France

Child custody cases can be difficult enough when they involve two parents who live in the same city. But when two parents live in different states or come from two different countries, there are a number of potential issues that can come up in terms of where a child will live and which parent will have custody. This can quickly turn into a bitter and contentious argument and some parents in Texas may end up taking the situation into their own hands. But this can only make matters worse.