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Month: January 2015

How child support is established in Texas

The state of Texas has statutory guidelines for judges to follow when setting child support amounts during divorce proceedings. Courts can deviate from the guidelines in the event they make a written finding that such a deviation, either above the guideline amount or...

Process for divorcing in Texas

When the marriage of a Texas couple is coming to an end, the process of divorce may seem bewildering and daunting. Understanding the basic requirements and the court procedure can help allay some of the fears people may have when they are contemplating a divorce.The...

Texas law allows support order modifications

Many Texas residents may be party to child support and custody orders. Over time, changing circumstances for both parents and the children involved may result in a need to modify the standing orders, and the process for seeking a modification requires filing an action...

The Jenners reach a divorce settlement

The buzz surrounding the Kris and Bruce Jenner divorce had many wondering how long the process would drag out. After separating in October 2013, the couple waited nearly a year before filing for divorce in California in September 2014. Avoiding the stereotypical...