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April 2012 Archives

Debate over DIY divorce forms comes back to Texas Supreme Court

A few months ago we discussed a series of forms developed by the Texas Supreme Court that would allow state residents who can't afford an attorney to file for divorce themselves. While many say the forms provide better access to the legal system for poor Texans, opponents argue that many family law proceedings are too complicated to handle adequately with a do-it-yourself method.

Man accuses wife of bugging child in custody dispute

Child custody disputes can be emotional enough, but when the two sides decide they don't want to fight fair and instead engage in counter-productive bickering and irrational behavior, the process can become even more stressful. In one child custody case raging in Houston, Texas, the two parents involved are resorting to childish behavior.

Why are so many pro athletes going broke from child support?

One topic entertainment news outlets can't seem to stray far from is the plight of the celebrity father in child support arrears. Professional athletes who owe up to hundreds of thousands of dollars seem to be especially prominent figures in celebrity tabloids. How does this happen when they're earning sky-high salaries most parents can hardly fathom?

Alternatives for parents delinquent on child support payments

Texas residents may be familiar with stories involving so-called "deadbeat dads," or those parents who have been villianized for failure to make timely child support payments. Traditionally, many of these parents have been sent to prison. The rationale behind this punishment is to encourage parents to take these legally enforceable payments seriously, and not to miss them.

DNA test frees Texas man jailed for child support nonpayment

We sometimes hear stories of people freed from prison after DNA testing reveals they've been wrongly accused. A Texas man was happy to join those ranks after a paternity test showed he didn't owe child support for a baby that wasn't his.

Virtual visitation allows out-of-town parents to stay in touch

Occasionally after a divorce, one of the former spouses will be motivated to move out of town, whether it's for a job, family obligations or other reasons. If the divorced couple has children together, the move requires establishing a long-distance relationship between the kids and the relocating parent. This is easier than it used to be, with email, instant messaging, social media and tools such as Skype that allow face-to-face communication from remote locations.

Texas sperm donor doesn't owe child support, court rules

A professional bodybuilder from Arlington, Texas, received some good news recently: He no longer has to pay child support to the mother of children born to her from sperm he donated. You may be wondering why a sperm donor would be held responsible for such payments in the first place. The circumstances of the case were somewhat unusual, but they raise the question of where fatherhood begins and ends in the eyes of the law.

"Idol" champ Studdard plays cards right with prenuptial agreement

For better or for worse, we hear a lot about celebrity divorces in the news, both in the tabloids and from mainstream sources. We're subjected to the fights over alimony, child support and who gets to keep the mansion, the cars and all of the other bling the couple once shared. Many times these stories aren't classified as real news because they don't seem to add any value to our own lives.

Senate to take up reauthorization of domestic violence law

When President Bill Clinton signed the Violence Against Women Act into law in 1994, domestic violence rates were 50 percent higher than they are today. While that result may not have come as a surprise to those who helped structure and draft the landmark piece of legislation, it is nonetheless an impressive and important accomplishment. At the same time, it must also be acknowledged that domestic violence remains a serious and all too common family law issue in Dallas and the state of Texas.

Tax pitfalls to avoid after your Texas divorce

People who have recently been divorced or who are still going through the process will often make costly mistakes when filing their tax returns. The good news here is that the majority of those mistakes can be avoided if both parties to a divorce are willing to cooperate and communicate openly with each other and not procrastinate about the issue of taxes.

Court denies ex-husband's bid to reopen divorce settlement

Occasionally in divorce cases that have already been settled, one of the spouses will request to reopen the case due to unforeseen financial setbacks. Very often these requests are for child support modifications or a revision of the division of assets after the paying parent loses a job or experiences a dramatic drop in income. In one recent case, a man tried to re-settle after he realized his income was much lower than he estimated during the divorce.

Texas investment firm CEO claims insolvency in divorce

In Texas and across the country, there are parents who cannot afford to pay alimony or child support. The reasons are varied: Some are unemployed, while others are incarcerated, disabled or underemployed. And some are millionaires.