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February 2014 Archives

Federal judge makes ruling on same-sex marriage laws in Texas

Supporters of same-sex marriage in Texas got some good news recently when a judge ruled that the state's ban on same-sex marriages was unconstitutional. The decision may have come as a surprise to conservative Texans who supported the ban, but it was a huge step forward for the people who supported the lawsuit challenging the ban.

Charlie Sheen taking his chances on fourth marriage: no prenup

For years now, many of us have read about the dramatic life of Charlie Sheen. Professionally, he's made strange media appearances and a dramatic departure from his former show "Two and a Half Men." His personal life has been just as bizarre, with stories about drug and alcohol use and criminal charges.

Two-week itch? Terrell Owens' new bride wants a divorce

People who are familiar with sports, family law issues or reality TV are likely familiar with Terrell Owens. Once an NFL star, Owens has appeared on reality shows and in courtrooms in recent years as he has gone through some difficult times and financial challenges. These issues have reportedly affected much more than his professional career; they may have also contributed to the recent split with his wife of just two weeks.

Cheating, assault allegations fly in 'Real Housewives' divorce

The end of a marriage is rarely pleasant for spouses. Those who are on the brink of a divorce can be extremely hurt, frustrated, sad and angry at the events leading up to a split and these emotions can play a significant role in how an eventual divorce could play out.